Victoria’s Secret Campaigns: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity in Fashion

Victoria’s Secret is a fashion powerhouse – and its campaigns are no exception. For decades, the brand has been showcasing diversity and inclusivity in fashion. From its flagship runway shows to billboards, Victoria’s Secret has helped to redefine standards of beauty. Now more than ever, its campaigns are celebrating diverse beauty, style, and representation across their collections. Whether it’s been embracing a more gender-neutral approach to fashion, or championing models of all shapes and sizes, the brand has worked hard to promote a wider range of body types. This article will explore the key Victoria’s Secret campaigns that have highlighted diversity and inclusivity in fashion.

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1. Victoria’s Secret: Empowering a Diverse and Inclusive Fashion Industry

Victoria’s Secret has for nearly fifty years been a leader in the fashion industry, taking bold steps to empower customers of all backgrounds feel beautiful. As the world shifts towards inclusion and diversity, the lingerie giant is providing an exciting model of inclusivity.

Victoria’s Secret has taken significant strides to make all customers feel represented by its runway shows and campaigns. They have diversified the runway and moved away from strict body standards set in the 2000s to showcase an expanded range of genders, sizes, and ethnicities. The brand has also moved away from traditional photoshoots and now celebrates individual beauty from many different sources. What’s more, Victoria’s Secret has launched an unretouched campaign—a powerful statement that celebrates beauty in all its forms.

  • They have diversified the runway
  • Moved away from strict body standards
  • Celebrate individual beauty from different sources
  • Unretouched campaign celebrates beauty in all its forms

2. Bold and Inclusive Campaigns from the House of Angels

House of Angels has recently launched two bold and inclusive campaigns to spread awareness and support in society. The first is #iStandForUs, a spirited movement that speaks up for the voiceless and the often forgotten members of society. This campaign encourages people to take a stand against inequality and fight injustice, no matter how desperate the situation. The second is #SpeakYourTruth, which focuses on mental health awareness and the right to freedom of expression. It serves to remind people that everyone’s struggle is valid, unique and should not be judged.

The resolution affirmations that accompany both of these campaigns truly embody the message of acceptance and celebration of diversity. The inclusive language used speaks directly to those who are often overlooked by society, providing a platform for vulnerable communities to be accepted and appreciated. It sheds light on previously hushed matters, such as mental health and social issues, and creates an environment of support and understanding.

  • With #iStandForUs, House of Angels is breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive environment.
  • The goal of #SpeakYourTruth is to share stories to inspire others to open up safely about their struggles.

3. Supporting Models of All Shapes, Sizes, and Backgrounds

It’s no secret – varied group of models adds diversity to any picture, allowing you to capture a true reflection of your audience. Having the right combination of models in your campaign, no matter their shape, size, or background, can make the difference between good and great visuals. Here’s how you can incorporate the right mix of models and ensure your message shines.

  • Think outside your comfort zone. Don’t limit yourself to the same population of models. Try to think beyond your regular rotation and explore a variety of candidates. Ask yourself, who do you want to see represented in your photos?
  • Get specific. Whether you’re looking for a plus-sized model, a genderfluid individual, or a person of color, make sure you are finding the right person for the job. Are you being inclusive with your casting process?
  • Be culturally aware. Get familiar with the codes your audience understands. Be mindful of their cultural context. Misinterpreting symbols and gestures can cause offense, even when it’s fully unintended.

Consider deviating from the style you usually prefer and shoot an array of body sizes. Get to know the needs of the market and you’re sure to capture the attention of your audience. Give wings to your vision with a mixture of diverse models – together, you can create powerful visuals that not only look good, but also leave a lasting impression.

4. Making a Statement: Elevating the Discussion around Fashion and Diversity

These days, fashion has become more than a way to express ourselves. It’s a way of making social statements, advocating for causes, and building a more inclusive, diverse world. Fashion can make an impact on more than just our closet – it can open the door to conversations about ethnicity, gender, culture, and more.

Today, it’s no longer acceptable for fashion to lack diversity. Designers must include a wide range of body types, sizes, and lifestyles in their collections. Brands must cultivate a culture that embraces all genders, skin tones, ages, and backgrounds. And influencers must strive to create and share content that speaks to a diverse audience. By utilizing fashion to make a statement, we can help elevate the overall discussion around diversity and inclusion.

  • Start conversations with fashion – use your clothing and accessories to open the door to discussions about important social issues.
  • When ordering apparel – look for collections that represent a variety of body shapes, sizes, and identities.
  • Be a role model – join in online conversations and encourage others to celebrate fashion and diversity.

The Victoria’s Secret Campaigns are a clear testament to the inclusivity and diversity that makes modern fashion so special. Striving to represent the unique beauty in all people, it is a movement that is filled with promise and hope for the future of the fashion industry. With their continued success, we have no doubt that this movement will only grow and continue to bring diversity to the forefront of the fashion industry.


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