The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes of the Spectacular Event

From professional models with sky-high heels strutting down the runway to the dazzling sets that make jaws drop all around the world – the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an undeniably high-profile occasion. But what makes this spectacular event what it is? With exclusive backstage access, we take you through the behind-the-scenes of one of fashion’s most anticipated shows.

1. Secrets Revealed: A Glimpse Into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an awe-inspiring event – deemed the ‘sexiest night of the year’ by die-hard fans. It’s the only show where the world’s most beautiful models get to flaunt the world’s most luxurious lingerie, but what secrets do these women have that help make it all look so perfect?

The first key is confidence. You can see it radiating in every look on the runway, and it really is a must-have if you want to take part. You do not need to be a certain size or shape, you just need to be believe in yourself and your body. Nothing could be more beautiful than that!

The second secret lies in the preparation of the show. Each and every model spends hours upon hours perfecting their poses and movements for their stint on the runway, and with the help of the creative styling team behind the scenes, the overall effect is stunning. From the beach-wave hair to the elaborate wings, everything comes together in perfect harmony.

These are just two of the secrets the Angels hold close, and once revealed, allow us all to get a glimpse of the spectacular event that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

  • Confidence
  • Preparation

2. The Making of the Spectacle: What Goes Into Preparation for the Show

Years of rehearsals and preparation culminate into the show. The world of cirque is marked by the oddly spectacular nature of the acts. From a somersaulting hula hoop to flaring fire juggling, every show exudes vibrancy and delight. But what really goes into the making of the spectacle?

Creating a show takes tremendous effort and focus from all involved. To pull off the stunts, acrobats needs to practise and master every move over and over again. Meanwhile, choreographers work to craft the perfect transitions between acts, ensuring the rhythm of the show carries the audience away. And all the while, costume designers assemble costumes full of personality and energy – truly transforming those wearing them into the characters they portray.

  • Acrobats: Practice and master every move
  • Choreographers: Craft perfect transitions between acts
  • Costume designers: Assemble costumes full of personality and energy

3. Model Preparations: From Eating Well to Exercise to Rehearsal

Eating Right
The saying “you are what you eat” has never been more true when it comes to preparing for a model job. Eating right is a key part of any successful modeling journey. Eating a balanced nutrient-rich diet gives your body the fuel it needs for long days of photoshoots, shows and meetings. Make sure your meals incorporate high-protein foods such as fish, grains, and leafy greens which can help maintain your health and energy levels.

Exercising regularly is a great way to feel more confident and have more energy throughout the day. Working out a few days a week can help regulate circulation, strengthen your core muscles, and build up dynamic strength for when you’re out in a photoshoot. Be sure to consult with a physician before starting any new form of exercise to make sure it is safe for you.

Once you’ve laid a foundation in diet and exercise, it’s now time to put in the practice for your model job! Rehearse your poses, your runway and any other specific instructions from your agent. Make sure you focus on a few poses or elements so that you can be very confident and comfortable with them before the shoot day. Practicing in the mirror is one way to get familiar with your poses!

4. Tying It All Together: Putting On the Finishing Touches

Now that all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place, it’s time to put on the final touches and make your project or task ready to present. Remember, the end result should be something you can look at with pride and say “I made this”.

Here’s a quick checklist of the key steps to finishing up:

  • Check for accuracy: Double and triple check the data points, calculations, and all other elements of the project.
  • Polish: Take the time necessary to ensure the presentation looks professional. Look for typos, formatting errors etc.
  • Run a practice presentation: Make sure everything flows properly from one section to the next.

A great presentation is like a great meal: it takes time to prepare all the ingredients, for everything to be cooked and presented to perfection. So give yourself enough time to make sure the project is ready to dazzle the audience.

From the beloved Angels to dazzling sets, glamorous gowns, and incredible music, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an event like no other. Each year the show is a spectacularly designed for television-viewing delight, boasting a hypnotic mix of fashion, music, and more. At its core, however, the show is about showcasing the exceptional beauty of the Angels, and celebrating a unifying message of empowerment. So get behind-the-scenes and take a glimpse of the incredible world of Victoria’s Secret.


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