Street Style Icons: Influential Figures Who Shaped Fashion Trends

From the everyday streetwalker to high-profile fashion editors, there are few trends that have not been inspired by the style of some of the most iconic figures in fashion. These street style icons are responsible for taking fashion from the catwalk and showing it off on the streets with a daring edge. From the blush-colored looks of Jean Shrimpton to the funky shape- defying looks of André Leon Talley, the fashion world continues to be heavily influenced by their iconic creations. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the influential figures that inspired some of the most memorable fashion trends in history.

1. Introduction to Street Style Icons

Street style icons are modern day fashion visionaries who continually redefine style and set trends as they strut their way around the city. Pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion rules and making bold fashion statements, these unique individuals are unafraid to be expressive yet stay fashionable.

The key to becoming a street style fashion icon lies in creating a style identity that is both eclectic and unique. Authenticity is of utmost importance and translating your individual taste and style into a wearable fashion is the goal. Here are some tips to becoming a street style icon:

  • Be Fearless – Take a chance to push the boundaries and try something different.
  • Mix and Match – Don’t be afraid to mix the unexpected. Unexpected combinations can truly be the most memorable.
  • Have Fun – Don’t take yourself, or fashion, too seriously. Embrace the freedom of creative expression and have fun!

2. The Pioneers of Street Style

street style is a trend that can’t fade away. It’s been around for decades, yet its impact remains strong and distinctive. It has heavily influenced fashion, culture, and even music – all with its unique take on the traditional.

At the forefront of this trend have been . Their iconic looks have pushed and challenged the boundaries of fashion, igniting creativity and inspiring the world with their audacious inventiveness. From Muhammad Ali and Johnny Rotten to Jay-Z and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, here are some of the key figures in street style history:

  • Muhammad Ali: The ultimate fashion pioneer who coordinated entire on-point looks, always full of personality and flair.
  • Johnny Rotten: The punk rocker’s crushed velvet and layering vibes have become an authoritative street style look.
  • Jay-Z: His bold and timeless style set the tone for generations of rappers and musicians.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The power of her sharply dressed collar blazers highlighted the strength of her feminist convictions.

3. Street Style Influencers of Today

The street style of today has become much more than a trend but a culture. Every day influencers in this category are sharing original looks, inspiring other fashion followers. Here are three key figures in the world of street style.

  • Danielle Bernstein – As the founder of WeWoreWhat, Danielle Bernstein is a true style boss. With her signature relaxed-East-Coast style, her outfits are always eye-catching. If you’re looking for off-duty looks with a fashionable statement, hop onto Danielle’s fashion train.
  • Sofia Tilborghus – Whether she’s mixing prints, wearing chalos, or sporting an 80’s-inspired outfit, Sofia is your source for smart yet playful looks. She goes for color and curvature which she incorporates into every outfit she wears. Expect the unexpected with Sofia’s unique overall looks in the style of street style.
  • Adriene Serra – With Adriene’s strong emphasis on trends, this street style influence is mastering high-low dressing. She takes something pretty basic and makes it edgy – and we love it. Get your creative outfit ideas from Adriene’s feed and be sure to mix and match unexpected pieces.

These influencers are the forefront of street style today. Each has a unique outlook on fashion which makes for creative outfit ideas and trend-setting styles. In the ever evolving world of street style, these three influencers are going places.

Today’s world of fashion is constantly changing and evolving, and some of its biggest influences have come from the streets. Street style icons have had an indelible impact on the fashion world, ushering in trends that have taken shape from the early days of punk rock to the hip-hop streetwear of today.

These icons have changed fashion forever:

  • Music legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Madonna helped redefine what people can wear and how they can express themselves.
  • Skaters and hip-hop stars like Eric Koston and Soulja Boy popularized streetwear and boldly tested the status quo.
  • Fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni and Elin Kling spread their influence far and wide, by championing different looks on their social media channels.

These icons and more continue to shape and re-shape the world of fashion today. From the most exciting street wear looks to the newest trends inspired by punk, hip hop and skater culture, street style icons have powered fashion trends for decades and ripped up the rulebook in the process.

In an era ruled by digital influencers, street style icons are a rare breed with a lasting legacy in fashion. With their unique style and timeless influence, these style icons will continue to be remembered as trendsetters and trend-breakers. They will forever leave their mark on the world of fashion and will continue to inspire us year after year.


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