Milano Beauty: Makeup and Hair Trends from the Fashion Capital

If you’re looking for the latest makeup and hair trends, look no further than Milan: the renowned fashion capital that sets the beauty standards the world over. Milano Beauty is renowned for producing some of the most unique, daring, and fabulous looks on the runway and on the streets. In this article, we’ll explore the hottest makeup and hair trends from the city of Milan and see how you could use them to make your day-to-day look a bit more fashionable.

Milan is the trend setter when it comes to fashion, and beauty is a big part of it. From bold makeup statements to innovative hairstyles, the beauty trends of the city of fashion and design are envied and studied around the world. Here are a few of these must-have looks, for a fresher look for the season:

  • Bright and Shimmery: For a sparkly, glamorous take on your look, opt for an eye makeup statement with a bold winged eyeliner and a bright, shimmery eyeshadow. Team it up with rosy cheeks and lots of mascara to complete the look.
  • Bold Hair: Big, bold hair is all the rage in Milanese culture this season. From slicked back bobs to textured buns, you can style your hair according to this style for a fashion statement that will stand out.

These trends are shaping the beauty looks of fashionistas in Milan and around the world. Embrace these looks for a chic and glamorous style that will have you feeling fashion forward.

2. Makeup Secrets of the Pros in Milano

Most people think of a Milan fashionista and dream up a glamorous look. But what they don’t know is that behind each lavish look is a set of makeup secrets that the pros in Milan use to get their stylish looks. Here are some of those secrets they rely on:

  • Primer: Applying a primer before applying makeup provides a smooth layer of coverage, allowing the makeup to have an even surface to abide in.
  • Natural-looking foundation: Makeup pros have discovered that using more natural-looking shades of foundation make for more believable looks.
  • Contour with bronzer: Bronzers act as versatile tools for several makeup looks. A Milan fashionista knows how to use bronzer to contour the face.
  • Highlighter: Highlighting certain areas of the face with a highlighter gives you the perfect balance between structure and brightness.

The Milanful look is about much more than the makeup. To understand the makeup look, you must understand the fashion trends that define the Italian capital. Milan showcases luxury, sophistication, and elegance, and that’s what Milan’s makeup looks are all about. Milan fashion calls for a vibrant and polished style, where even the most subtle details make a difference. From applying eyeshadow to emphasizing bold lips – makeup artists in Milan know just how to achieve the perfect high-end, chic look.

3. Hair Styling in the Style of Glamorous Milano

Glamorous Milano hair styling provides a sophisticated look. To get the perfect Milan-inspired hair look, follow these simple tips:

  • Start by using a medium to large barrel curling iron. This will create big and soft curls that are essential for the Milano look.
  • Run styling cream through your curls to further enhance the look.
  • Part your hair to one side, at either a small angle or a strong angle. This gives the style character.
  • Using hairspray and setting powder to hold your softly curled hair in place.

The Final Step: Finish off the look by blowing out the crown. This takes the same principle as creating more curls in the back of the head, just up higher. Blow dry some volume into the crown area of the head and use hairspray to hold this volume in place. It will give your glamorous Milano style extra oomph.

4. How to Capture the Look of Milano Beauty at Home

See the Glamour of Milano Everyday

Creating the sought-after chicness of Milano beauty can be attained in the comfort of your own home. With effortless steps, you can look like a frequent visitor of the fashionable mecca of Europe without spending a fortune.

  • Create a base with a luminous foundation. An even glow will make you look like you’re lit from within like a classic Milano beauty.
  • Adding a hint of rosiness to your cheeks is essential for the look. Make sure to use a powder blush for a subtle change not a cream for a more dramatic outcome.
  • Eyes that pop are key for this look. Use a light eyeshadow shade of warm ivory or cream and finish with a liquid black liner to truly make the eyes stand out.
  • For the finishing touches, use a clear lip balm and a peachy rose lipstick. You don’t need to go for an overly done look. Simplicity reigns.

For a lasting Milano beauty look, it is important to set it with a light powder. So, don’t forget to use a setting powder lightly dusted over your forehead, nose and chin to make sure your look stays sleek and polished through long days.

Now that you know the maquillage and hairstyles of the fashion mecca Milano, you can carry a piece of it wherever you go. With the Milanese knowledge of beauty, you can project your very own style and attitude, bringing the trendsetting capital to your own look and air.


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